Small Habits. Big Results.

By Coach Jeric
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Welcome to the New You.

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My dream is to help you design a life that you love to wake up to!

I believe support should be accessible to all, rather than a luxury of a few.

What does that mean? It means breaking the status quo and designing a coaching framework in a way that you can get support wherever you are financially, geographically, and emotionally.

Put another way... You have options. You can see the most popular ones below. Every option is available to you no matter where you are in the world.

By the way, your membership supports somebody in need.

The Personal Coach.


Think of this as your personal fitness trainer, but instead of exercising your body, we exercise your mindset every week!

This might be perfect if you're;

  • Primed to put energy into change.

  • Open to a 1:1 coaching relationship (by phone or video.)

  • Prepared to invest in massive transformation.

The Tools


Think of this as your fitness club membership, but instead of accessing a room full of weights, you get full access to all of the tools that will transform your habits, your mindset, and your life!

This might be perfect if you...

  • Want FULL ACCESS to the tools only from my coaching program.

  • Desire change, but at the pace you set for yourself.

  • Are not yet prepared for 1:1 coaching.

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The Program Coach.


Think of this as your group fitness class, but instead of using the group exercise room, you'll have a membership portal with all the tools and support you need!

This might be perfect if you...

  • Enjoy developing at your own pace.

  • Are self-motivated on your own or in a social setting.

  • Are ready for transformation.

The #JUSTFIVE Challenge


Looking for motivation in the form of a fun challenge that you can do alone or with a group?

This challenge is PACKED with value!

  • Choose your level of intensity.

  • Several FREE coaching tools at your fingertips.

  • A network of other highly motivated people.

  • Chance to win $1,000's in prizes.

Also, get the FREE Worksheets Here.

Coaching for All.

I believe that everybody deserves support when they need it. When I faced difficulty, so many people were there for me to get me through hard times.

I want to give back. That is why your paying membership provides up to 3 people with free support.

If you believe in the movement, you can donate here without participating in a coaching program.