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You Need Leads

I'm going to show you


kind of crazy hack I uncovered...

So you too can

find STADIUMS FULL of dream clients online

and get them straight to your appointment book


Your next dream clients ARE on Facebook!...

"I took my Facebook group from just 7 people to over 90 WITHIN A WEEK!"

YOU WILL attract social people who align with your mission.

"I made $7,000 in revenue with A SINGLE POST using this strategy!"

YOU WILL get into more sales conversations faster than ever before.

"I added HUNDREDS of people to my newsletter, helping my book become a number 6 best seller!"

YOU WILL grow your audience and get results!


While getting "99 leads" is a potential outcome of your hard work, it is merely the name of the course and not a promised result. Your effort is what will influence the results you get.

For a skill that can literally pay you back every week.

Here's what I've found...

Your customers are using Facebook.

And they want your offer. You just have to give them the opportunity.

They'll buy, even if you just met.

The people who purchase my offers do so within minutes of me sending a DM.

Generally, the only thing in the way of the sale IS YOU.

Make the conversation about THEM, and you won't come across as "sellsy."

I'm going to help you get really good at...

  • Tap into Facebook groups with stadiums full of your target audience.

  • Effortlessly attract engaged buyers who want to speak with you.

  • Immediately capture contact info so you get into a sales call within hours.

You can get tons of leads from this strategy. The best part...

No need to pitch to complete strangers.

No need to buy ads.

No need to spend months in trial and error.

The transformation...

  • Learn how to get dozens of target market leads into your appointment books.

  • So you can CLOSE MORE DEALS.

For a skill that can make you THOUSANDS.

STOP wasting time using outdated lead-gen strategies- GET 99 Leads on Command NOW.

What you get...

5 MODULES each with a lesson and assignment for the day.

BONUS MODULES so you can learn more about a given lesson.

GROUP ACCESS where you can celebrate and ask questions of peers and coaches.

99 Leads on Command Modules.png

You can make THOUSANDS of $$$ with what I'm going to teach you, and I only charge $259 for this 5-day course. But right now...

$200 Off

$200 off

And claim these BONUSES when you purchase now!

  • $400 Gift: Free Instagram Review Call with Coach J (must use within 14 days of receiving your course.)

    • Coach J will do a 20-point check on your Instagram business page to provide feedback on a 15-minute call so you can funnel more people from your IG page to your offer.

  • $350 Gift: Discount 1:1 calls so you have extra help when you need it. (Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific)

  • $100 Gift: 1-Month VIP Pass to join our networking and training calls.

    • Join other entrepreneurs on Zoom and get your business out in the open, as well as any questions you have in your business. $100 value.

  • Access to the Facebook group with other 99 Leads Commanders.

    • Ask questions and share celebrations along the way. Coach J goes live each week in the group to give bite-sized education.

The course will be emailed to you February 1, 2023.

Limited Time Offer

For a skill that will pay for itself beyond 1000x.

The systems we teach have worked amazingly for a variety of professionals.

Designers, photographers, coaches, trainers, artists, etc.

Still unsure? Get to know me and my community over at The Professional Connection Facebook group. There you can meet some of the people who have joined this offer and others like it! Don't sit on this deal though. The price is going to go back up soon!

"99 Leads on Command" is the title of the offer and while people do get that result, it is not guaranteed.

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