Business Buddies Info

Everything you need to know about the Business Buddies program!

Scroll to learn more! P.S. Jay is slowly getting back into 1:1 coaching and will only work with ELITE members. At any point, you may click the "Coaching Info" button to complete a brief interest survey.


Make the most of your experience by using the resource below. The PDF and Word document are exactly the same, but the PDF is easier to view by phone and the Word is easier to edit.

Download to your computer and try it out. This will provide clarity and context for your partnership with your Business Buddy.


There is so much power in simply having a partner that holds you accountable to your goals. That is why I think the Business Buddy program is so cool. It gets fresh perspective on your goals and helps you create deeper bonds with our ELITE community.


A Business Buddy is not a coach, but you might find yourself having some great high-quality conversation around the journey of your business. A Business Buddy is simply somebody you will...

  • Check in with each week with your progress

  • Celebrate the steps along the way

  • Motivate you to get on track if you’re struggling

  • And remember, it goes both ways! It's a partnership.


If it’s coaching support you need, I’m (Coach J) offering this service to ELITE members only. You’ll have me on a call at least once a week to help provide clarity and direction for you in your business. I can help you with a marketing plan, sales, or leadership. Simply give me a text or call if you’re interested in discussing how this could look. 951-397-1827

Draft Day

In order to choose your Business Buddy, you have to be present for the Buddy Draft.

  • If you’re not present, a Buddy will be chosen for you. If you’re top 3, you can submit your top 3 choices for a Buddy and we will try to make arrangements.

Our goal is to help you build connections with a new Buddy each month.

  • You cannot have the same Buddy from the prior 2 months.

Buddy Expectations

  • Please set up an initial call with your Buddy within 7 days of the draft.

    • Take a look at "Resources" to see best practices to prepare for your partnership.

  • Please check in with your Buddy each week in some way.

  • Business Buddies are not expected to coach one another, just to celebrate progress and to encourage each other to meet goals. It can be as simple as a text that says, "Hey, how are you doing with those goals? Need a little push?"

  • In order to participate in the Business Buddy program, you must attend a minimum of 3 of our events every month. It's important that the group knows who you are.

  • You do not have to participate in the Business Buddy program, but it is highly recommended because it's our way of helping you progress within your business as a team. If you choose to sit out for a Business Buddy, please email J.


How Points Work

There are 3 ways to get points for the Buddy Draft! Attend our events, engage on the Facebook, and invite people onto our ELITE calls.

  • Attendance- up to 4 points a month

    • You can receive up to 4 points a month for event attendance. You may receive up to one point a week.

    • We have ELITE events on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and we have a networking event on Thursdays for the general public. You can attend any of these events to receive your point for the week.

  • Facebook Engagement- up to 9 points a month

    • You can get up to 9 points based on your Facebook Engagement ranking.

    • Top engaging ELITE receives 9 points, number 2 receives 8 points, and so on.

    • Top contributor is automatically capped at 5 engagement points for the next two drafts, giving others the chance to earn more points off engagement.

  • ELITE Invites- Unlimited points a month

    • 1 point for everybody you add to the Professional Connection Facebook group.

    • 5 points for everybody who gets a VIP pass and uses it.

    • 10 points for any referral who becomes a paying ELITE member.

Anybody who is on your staff gets free access to our calls, so these people do not qualify you for invite points.


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