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Captivating Content DONE FOR YOU!

Leave the content writing to the experts. You've got better things to do!

This is far beyond a done-for-you content writing service because it includes monthly coaching to help you 4x your sales.

The content that is curated to match your offer and target market so that they are most inclined to engage with you. A survey and interview will be completed prior to your services are rendered so that the content that is created is an appropriate match.

Don't lift a finger. Leave the content writing to the experts. I write all your content and coach you on the same strategy that has a 4x impact on my clients' income.

As low as $99/month. Cancel anytime.

That's $200 OFF for the first FIVE applicants.

  • FREE coaching call every month!

  • FREE coaching tools included (worksheets, surveys, etc.)

  • FREE access to my coaching program.

  • FREE e-book- Captivating Content.

  • FREE Startup Strategy Call to implement your service.
  • Weekly survey to help you track your progress.
  • 3 professionally written posts every week to boost your engagement and make more sales!

You'll be contacted within 1 business day to start your done-for-you program.

Content will be in the form of written posts designed to boost audience engagement so you can convert your followers with ease. New content will be created monthly until canceled. Free 30-minute coaching and alignment call will be included after each payment. The content will be written in the same format as is seen in the e-book (short thoughtful posts designed for engagement,) and will become more detailed over time as we begin to introduce "credibility/story" posts. Additional post prompts will be shared for your editing. You will be responsible for posting the content at appropriate times.

Monthly topics include; goal setting, creating an irresistible offer, creating a pitch deck, 5-step online launch, daily lead gen strategy, messenger mastery, appointment setting, growing your group, PDF's to attract leads, creating workshops, 12-week content plan.

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