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99 Leads Challenge

This strategy attracts 99+ leads at a time into my DM's, consistently. AND it doesn't really matter what kind of business you're in...

  • It works across various industries.

  • It works any day of the week.

  • Simply put, it WORKS.

We only use this method about once a month... Seriously, it's that effective once you've mastered the skill.


I'm going to show you...

  • How we join Facebook groups that are rich with our dream clients.

  • How we create posts that don't (usually) get taken down by admins.

  • How we get 50, 100, 200 comments from simple two-sentence posts.

  • How we turn those comments into conversations and closed deals (an extended version of this strategy is found in the DM Disarmament micro-course.)

Working in a Sunny Office

Learn a profitable new skill and ROI this week!

Once you learn that skill, you might want to pick up a couple additional skills (included in "Buy Four") deal...

  • Initiating quality DM conversations, so your conversations feel natural and effective.

  • Attracting DREAM clients, not just lookie-loos.

  • Creating offers that convert: High-ticket offers, low-ticket, entry-level offers, etc.

Purchase one course for $199.

  • We will send our most popular course

    • (99 Leads Challenge on Facebook.)

  • BONUS: Buy today, and we'll include a 2nd course for free. (DM's to Dollars.)

  • BONUS: Buy today, and we'll set up a 25-minute call with you and Coach J (must use within 7 days.)

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Schedule an introductory call instead for just $30.

The systems we teach have worked amazingly for a variety of professionals that offer high-ticket services. Designers, photographers, coaches, trainers, artists, etc.

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