How much revenue are your problems costing you?

As an entrepreneur and a corporate leader, my job is/was to assess the financial impact of our problems.

And here's what I've found...


If your team isn't operating at it's fullest potential, you're losing a lot more money than you think.

You need an excellent team that supports your vision. And to build that team, you need a culture people crave.

  • Imagine attracting an abundance of fantastic talent when you need it...

    • That's culture.

  • Imagine your employees are unified, enjoying their work, and excel in their practice...

    • That's culture.

  • Imagine leaving a lasting impact in the lives of your people, on the planet, and on the organizations financial success...

    • That's culture.

Creating a thriving culture is about intentionally and effectively filling the three buckets above (Manage, Hire, Lead.)

With your permission, I'll help you grow on your journey of cultural excellence. I'll save you a ton of time, energy, and money in the process, because I have already been there. I have invested years into my education. I've invested beyond $100,000 into my training and education. All so you can shorten your learning curve.


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Three Buckets

There are three buckets in your business you need to fill in order to create an excellent culture that people want to be a part of.


Click any bucket label to learn more (Hire, Manage, Lead.)


Is your attraction process, screening process, and on-boarding process attracting people that fit perfectly within your organization?


Is there an environment of autonomy, support, and correction so team members feel understood and cared for?


Do your leaders embody the mission, and align themselves to the needs of the team so your organization can multiply their results?

"9-Step Dream Team" is a simple way to assess where you need to put your energy next so that you can make a tremendous impact on your organization.

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Who needs a Dream Team?


If you are a leader at any level, you should check out the tools I have available... Whether you're a CEO, a solo-preneur, a Shift Supervisor, or even a front-line-worker, you can make waves in your organization.

I work with all kinds of professionals...

  • General Managers.

  • Business Owners.

  • Sales Managers.

If you want to show up to your workplace with more purpose and energy, start here!

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What might we uncover?


Most people don't realize the financial impact a sub-par culture has... I'll explain...

  • Lifetime Value.

    • Let's say, on average, your customer is worth about $1,000 over the total of their time working with you.

  • Your Roadblock.

    • And let's say within one year, you could hire 10 people that would service 10 customers each month... But you don't have a hiring process you are confident in...

    • That's $100,000 a year you are missing out on this year alone...

  • Maybe your problem is different...

    • You might already have a team of 10, but they aren't operating at their fullest potential.

    • I've found that sub-par teams only get about 30% of the results a a more effective team could get.

    • Your $1 million revenue should be closer to $3 million this year.

I'm obviously simplifying this tremendously... But the idea is simple... One of the first things we need to figure out is what financial impact a sub-par culture is having on your business.

This number is often in the millions, even for a small solo-operated company...

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