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How serious are you about making a change in life?

The two free worksheets are in your inbox... But I have a very important question before you get your worksheets...

What is your goal?

Seriously. I want you to think about that.


What is the goal you are working on at the moment? Do you think about it all the time?

What's your goal? Do you know it right away?


If you do not know exactly what your goal is and when you will achieve it, you're not alone.

But... Your goal isn't really a goal if you are not crystal clear on it, is it?


No, it is a wish. Something that will happen someday.


This is where I come in.

I'm Coach Jeric... I'd like to help you out.

I've been helping people achieve their goals for most of my adult life. It began in fitness. Then in corporate leadership. And now, I help people just like you who could use a little clarity and direction on how to move forward.

Would you be interested in sharing a bit with me? A little support and guidance can really go a long way in your life, and I'd like to have a call with you for free.

What will a more purposeful life look like for you?


I mean really, what would it look like to face each day knowing exactly why you are doing what you're doing.

Would that feel liberating? Joyful? Exciting? Free?

What would that be worth to you? A little change can go a long way.

  • Mindset

    • Working on you begets an entire shift in your mindset.

    • You may notice more positive self-talk.

    • Your habits will be more productive.

  • Health

    • Physical and nutritional habits begin to improve.

    • You may experience more movement throughout the day.

    • You may be more aware of your nutritional choices.

  • Growth

    • When you care for you, you begin to grow intellectually and professionally.

    • You may find yourself reading a bit more, and learning about things that help you grow as an individual.

  • Leisure

    • It is important to enjoy life.

    • You may notice more smiles and laughs throughout the day.

  • Social

    • The people around you will notice.

    • You'll begin to experience more solid bonds and connections with people who matter to you.

Let's have a short chat and see what you would like to see improve in your life!

Where are you lacking full satisfaction?

To feel your best, you must touch every area of life every day. This course is designed to help you define your focus area, while also challenging you to take tiny actions in each area of life.

  • Spirit

    • How is your mindset? Your sense of peace? What is your purpose in life?

      • What would you rate it out of ten?

  • Health

    • How does your energy feel? Your fitness? Do you feel like you are at your physical peak?

      • What would you rate your health out of ten?

  • Earning

    • Are you happy with your income? Your job? Your co-workers? What is your financial plan for your life of financial freedom?

      • What would you rate your earning out of ten?

  • Leisure

    • Are you enjoying life? What are your hobbies? Do you feel productive? What do you do when you want to experience joy?

      • What would you rate your leisure out of ten?

  • Love

    • How is your social circle? Are you in love? Are you supporting your children to be the best person they can be? Are your connections building you into the best version of yourself?

      • What would you rate your love and social life out of ten?

Let's leap into the life you have only dreamed of!