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Work With Coach Jeric

"Within a week of signing up for 1:1 coaching with Jeric, we closed our first deal of the year and on our way to doing more in sales."

Julia with RisingStar Fitness

Let's start with a plan.

We begin with a couple calls together so I can design a tentative marketing and sales plan.

Your Marketing Plan could include some or all of the following...

  • Newsletter strategies.

  • In-person networking strategies.

  • Social media strategies.

  • Presenting your offers.

  • Setting appointments.

Your individual plan is designed to LEVERAGE your current strengths and to make some of your weaknesses stronger.

Are You Ready?

If we choose to work together...

  • We will get clear on what results you expect.

  • I'll help lay out the path to achieve those results.

  • I'll provide expert guidance and insight along the way.

  • You'll have an expert to cheer you on and hold you accountable.

Helping you find confidence in your marketing and sales process is my passion.

But the fact is, my coaching is not for everybody. So before anything, I'd like to learn as much as I can about your business and what needs you have.

If your business is your priority, complete your application.

Are You Ready?

Guidance from an experienced coach is exactly what you need if...

  • You need clarity on what actions you should be taking in your business.

  • You need support figuring out what actions are going to grow your business.

  • You need accountability in sticking to what matters.

  • You need guidance from an expert that has helped hundreds of people multiply their revenue.

"I have gone from it just me to hiring a few team members in just a few short months of being his client."

Gina with Marilyn Jeanne Designs

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