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ELITE Plus Intensive

"I have gone from it just me to hiring a few team members in just a few short months of being his client."

Gina with Marilyn Jeanne Designs

"Within a week of signing up for 1:1 coaching with Jeric, we closed our first deal of the year and on our way to doing more in sales."

Julia with RisingStar Fitness

I will fly (or drive) to your city and spend 1-3 days helping you implement processes and systems so you can attract and convert more dream clients online.

If your business is chosen...

I will be hands-on in your business, guiding you every step of the way to improve your online presence.

We will install and/or improve the necessary tools in your business together.

  • Instagram page.

  • Facebook group.

  • Mail-chimp welcome sequence.

  • Mail-chimp series.

  • Networking strategy.

  • Setting up your Link-tree.


Without professional hands on support,

putting all these systems in place can take months, or even over a year. I'm going to shorten the timeline for you and get your business up to speed fast.

  • No trial-and-error.

  • No back-and-forth.

  • No stalling.

  • Just rapid implementation of the systems that matter most in our online world.

Businessman Working in Office

What specific skills can I help with?

I coach on a variety of subjects in the following areas.

  • Reaching your target audience online.

  • Building trust and authority with potential prospects.

  • Building habits that lead to growing revenue streams.

This looks different for everybody. So before I fly to you, we work together virtually (Zoom) to set up a solid foundation.

By the time I fly in, you'll be ready to hit the ground running with me and put some invaluable systems in place.

Guidance from an experienced coach is exactly what you need if...

  • You need clarity on what actions you should be taking in your business.

  • You need support figuring out what actions are going to grow your business.

  • You need accountability in sticking to what matters.

  • You need guidance from an expert that has helped hundreds of people multiply their revenue.


I will only accept 2 clients a month for this offer.

The price will vary based on your needs, and will generally cost around $8k. We will work together to determine the best price, payment program, and package for you.

These are a few basic elements every business should have. Please check all that could be improved.
If awarded, are you prepared to pay and begin right away?

Your submission does not guarantee that we will work together. Every application must be thoroughly considered against other applications.

Thank you for your application!

Oh, you thought that was all?

Every intensive package comes with over $2,000 in gifts.

  • ELITE special events online and in-person (where applicable)

  • Weekly networking and training on Zoom

  • Video vault- mindset, marketing, and sales mastery

  • Private Facebook groups access

  • Follow-up coaching support after your intensive experience

  • Personal dining experiences with Coach J (alcohol not included)

DO NOT WAIT for the perfect time. Get your name on the interest list now and let's take your business to new levels.

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