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An ELITE Partner Is A Free Member Of The ELITE Network.

Back in 2021, I hit a wall in my coaching. I had clients, I had friends, and I even had a coach, but something was missing.

After weeks of searching, I figured it out...

I went to a few awkward "networking" meetings and couldn't help but zoning out through a sea of endless 60-second commercials. "'Networking' needs to be re-defined," I thought to myself.


I'm craving CONNECTION. Not empty networking. "I want to belong to a community of people who are just as excited to talk about business as I am."

ELITE Network Solves Problems.

We are online entrepreneurs and coaches across America, and we make it a point to CONNECT, not just network. But we also dive deep into provocative discussions that EVERY business person should be a part of if they want to grow!

  • Some weeks, we talk about getting booked on podcasts.

  • Other weeks, we talk about creating content that converts clients.

  • We talk about creating more authentic feeling connections online with prospects, breaking through mindset barriers, and so much more.

You'll receive much more than an excellent community if you become an ELITE member.

  • Want to learn to attract dozens of leads at a time? I'll provide strategies that have made my clients THOUSANDS of dollars extra in sales each month.

  • Want to get into effortless conversations that turn into sales calls? I'll give you the scripts that have QUADRUPLED sales appointments for my members.

  • Stop worrying about what you should post. I'll give you the content calendar every month that results in MORE SALES.

  • Stop wondering what you're supposed to do each day. The ELITE Network will help pave a path forward.


Online events designed to build relationships with other entrepreneurs who are on a similar path.


Expert-led educational support in a group setting, discussing the things that matter most in your business.


Our online app and web portal has tons of info at your fingertips! Study what you need on YOUR time.

ELITE Partners are hand-selected, and they do not pay the several hundred dollar membership fee.

"Jeric listens and can help you find the answers you need. He provides so many opportunities to learn and connect with other business owners."

Marlaina with Bound by Grace Media

ELITE Partners Get All The Same Perks.

Why would I GIVE a membership away that costs hundreds of dollars?

If you've received the link to join, it's because there's something special about you that I do not see in just anybody. Basically, you embody what it means to be one of the "ELITE" members. And as I strive to build a strong culture, I need people just like you to apply for the ELITE Partner program to help lead the way.

What's the catch?

It's simple really. If approved, I just need you to be a contributing member who fosters relationships inside the community. And if you're enjoying the journey, tell your audience about ELITE and help us grow the paid program.

What is a "contributing member?"

A contributing member is simply somebody that participates in The ELITE Network by attending events, meeting with other members, and actively seeking support from the community.

Group calls?

Every Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. Pacific, we get on Zoom and network for about 30 minutes and then get into a business discussion at about 4 p.m. Nobody is REQUIRED to attend every meeting or even attend the full meetings. All we ask is that members do try to make it a priority to attend when able. That said, our actively attending members tend to gain skills that earn them more money than non-active members. Each call is 90-minutes.

What is a 1:1?

It's a fancy word for socializing... Members may be inspired by something you say and request to have a "1:1." This just means you may hop on a phone call or Zoom for 20 minutes, give or take, and make a friend basically. Now remember, these are business owners. So the incentive for you and them is that this friendship could result in referred business.

"Tell my audience about ELITE?"

If you enjoy your experience and get something out of it, I ask that you simply write up a post somewhere and let people know that you're part of something great, and provide the opportunity for others to apply for a pass into ELITE.

What if somebody in my audience wants to learn about ELITE?

Let me know, and we can start a group chat. I'll determine if a pass to attend some of our calls would be beneficial for them and for the ELITE community. You may not talk about the ELITE Partners program to anybody though. Very few people will qualify for this, and it's only for a limited time.

Okay, so what do you expect from an ELITE Partner?

  • Attend at least two meetings a month for at least 45-minutes.

  • Meet 1:1 with at least one member each month. I'll provide resources on effective 1:1's.

  • Share a post to your audience about your experiences in ELITE. Do this a minimum of 2x monthly.


If you can commit to those three things, and if you're chosen to be the next ELITE Partner, I'll invite you into the ELITE Partners program on a monthly basis, saving you hundreds of dollars. But I do expect those three things of you. So if you come on board and fail to do them, you could lose your ELITE status.


If, AND ONLY if, ELITE sounds like something you would LOVE to be a part of and help promote, please complete the survey below. A donation is PURELY optional. I charge $500-$1,000 dollars for ELITE. If you'd like to donate ANY amount to help me keep it alive, please choose any amount.

Optional Donation

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Please understand that your invitation to visit this page is NOT an automatic approval for you to be a free ELITE Partner. I have to choose very carefully from the hundreds of people in my audience who want this opportunity.

What you get...

  • Online portal.

  • Video lessons.

  • Sales scripts.

  • Monthly content calendar.

  • Weekly group calls.

  • CONNECT with amazing entrepreneurs.


"Definitely a group of professionals! I am proud to be a member and if you need assistance from the most supportive group in the USA you should join as well."

JJ Hardy with Victory Leadership Coaching

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