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Attend Our Events!

Every Wednesday on Zoom, we do networking differently.

  • Promote your business.

  • Discuss topics that help you sell more.

  • Meet new friends and strategic partners.

Wednesdays at 3:25 p.m. Pacific.

Register now. Only 5 free guests per week. (Paid options at the bottom of the page.)

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Your first 2 events free. Only 5 free guest tickets/week.

You will feel like one of us, even if you're just visiting. Please attend two events at no cost and see why people love to be a part of The ELITE Network.

Upcoming Events.

Every event is half networking and half themed discussion.

  • April 5- Start Strong- Creating Your Affirmations with Army Veteran JJ Hardy

  • April 12- Doing What Matters (even on the days you don't want to.)

  • April 19- The Power of Your Network, and how the people you know will ELEVATE your business.

  • April 26- Living the Dream (isn't that why we got into business anyway?)

What To Expect.

EVERY Zoom is different because our goal is to create a FLOW STATE amongst the group. We do each give a short intro, but the power is in the conversations that unfold during our event.

Warm introductions.

  • Hop on Zoom a little early and you'll be greeted by friendly people in The ELITE Network.


Networking, but different...

  • In a small group setting, a leader will pose a few questions for the group to talk about. We're pretty chatty, so don't worry about "being prepared." We will get you talking. Please plan to have your video and audio on at all times.


Higher Level Conversations.

  • After "networking," we'll come back together to discuss a specific business topic from our video vault. The goal is that everybody has an "AHA" moment and can apply a new concept in their business.

Who attends?

  • Entrepreneurs across the country attend these calls.

  • People in various industries.

  • Most of the people on the call are either Excel University members or members of The ELITE Network, but you can attend calls without being a part of those.

Your first two are free. (Only 5 free guests per week.)

After that, I suggest applying to join The ELITE Network.

Pay Per Call

You may pay-per-call $20 if you only want to occasionally attend our events, or if we've "sold out" of free spots.

Apply to Join ELITE

Become a valued member of the coolest networking group in the U.S. for as little as $49/mo.

Stop trying to problem solve all alone.

Tap into our network and get perspective.

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