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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Life Coach or a Business Coach?

I practice as a Business Coach, though I do have a Life Coaching Certification. I do not practice as a Life Coach anymore.

The topics I focus the most on in my coaching are..

ATTRACTING leads to your offers.

BUILDING relationships with your audience.

CONVERTING prospects to buying clients.

All of these things are driven through the lens of humanity.

I also love helping with the following...

Hiring the right team.

Holding your employees accountable.

Getting results through others.

Building systems in your business.

To learn about the different ways to work with me, click here. I think you'll be surprised at the different ways you can get support in your business.

Do you only work with business owners?

I primarily work with people who have a small business, but I also work with people in the corporate environment.

What does working with Coach J look like?

That depends on what you need. NOT everybody needs a coach. That's why I have you complete an assessment before we even think about working together. Take the assessment.

Besides 1:1 coaching, I provide group coaching, Zoom events, and more. The Zoom events are the most popular way to start working with me.

IF we decide to work together 1:1, it's because YOU are determined to kick ass in your business. I'll pull all my resources together to get you where you need to be.

I'll have discussions with you to build a plan for your success and give you direction to move forward.

I'll check in with you throughout every week.

I'll invite you to meet other professionals in my community that may be of support for you.

Most importantly, I will be your strongest ally as we carry your business forward.

What is your coaching style?

Above all else, it is my mission to give you the resources, connections, and skills you need to grow your business.

I have been described as;







What have you helped people with?

I help people with a multitude of experiences in life. A majority of my clients are business owners within their first 3 years. They're excited to take their business to the next level, but they just need some additional skills to do so.

  • A graphic designer who needed help reaching their audience and getting their offers shown to more people.

  • A General Manager who needed help stepping into her personal power as a leader and hold her employees accountable.

  • A leadership coach who needed to get more clear on his avatar and the offers he presents them with.


I seriously work with people in a ton of different career fields.

Where can I learn more about you?

Join the Professional Connection Facebook group!

Hop onto our Zoom calls!

Join Excel University and watch our events and replays!

Go to the Coach Jeric page!

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