Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Life Coach or a Business Coach?

I practice as a Business Coach, though I do have a Life Coaching Certification.

The topics I focus the most on are;

ATTRACTING leads that pay.

CLOSING big money deals.

LEVERAGING your leadership to improve performance.

All of these things are driven through the lens of humanity.

It turns out, doing these things require more than learning new skills... It requires you to address limiting beliefs that have prevented you from operated at 150% in the first place.

Being certified as a Life Coach gives me the unique ability to help professionals with mindset blocks. This means that if you want to make more sales, but you're afraid to talk to customers, for example, I can support you in overcoming that fear. I am not a therapist though, so I cannot treat, cure, or diagnose mental health issues.

Do you only work with business owners?

I work with GM's, supervisors, solo-preneurs, and even people who are THINKING of starting a business.

What does working with Coach J look like?

That depends on what you need.

  • Not everybody needs a coach.

  • Some people need a few resources and they can do it themselves.

  • Some people need a community of people to help them grow.

  • If you're on this page, I have something that will fit your needs and your budget, but it starts with a conversation.

What is your coaching style?

Above all else, it is my mission to create a supportive and challenging environment in which you can find your personal power.

I have been described as;






What have you helped people with?

I help people with a multitude of experiences in life. A majority of my clients are business owners who want to use personal development to improve their paycheck.

  • An author who had writer's block.

  • A mother who was trying to balance managing her business and loving her family.

  • A business owner who wanted to expand her audience through expert communication skills.

  • A General Manager who needed help embracing her leadership persona so she could have a greater business impact.

Where can I learn more about you?

A great way to connect with me is on my various social media platforms. I have YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, all set up to help you better understand who I am!

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