Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work with successful business people?

I have experience working with people of all walks of life. If you're seeking transformation... If you need more clarity in life... If you don't know what direction to go next... I want to work with you.


What is the difference between a therapist, trainer, and a coach?

A therapist stands next to you, focusing on your past to uncover roots of trauma.

A trainer stands in front of you and gives you the tools and information to work toward a goal.

A coach walks next to you to help uncover obstacles between you and your goal so that you find the courage and strength to power forward on your own!

What does a session look like?

Every session is unique because I allow you to set the pace that is most comfortable for you. However, there is a soft framework we generally observe.

We begin each session by following up on any recent goals that have been set.

We then discuss current experiences and stuck-points, and I partner with you to define strategies and actions that support growth in those areas.

We conclude our sessions by setting a plan for the next week.

Your life is not linear, so while I will challenge you, I will not direct you. As our sessions progress, you will uncover hidden strengths, desires, and needs, and as such, we sometimes end up walking a path that was unexpected. But the point is, we continue walking forward!

What is your coaching style?

Above all else, it is my mission to create a supportive and comfortable environment in which you can be candid, flawed, and vulnerable.

I have been described as;

Easy to talk to





From an early age, I was very aware of people's subtle communication cues that were sent subconsciously. I use this skill set to help my clients get past subconscious barriers.