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The ELITE network is THE way to grow your brand in 2022. It is unlike ANY professional group in existence.

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Name: Gina Stockdall

Profession: Branding & Marketing Designer/Coach

Business: Marilyn Jeanne Designs

Mission: To help plan, build and maintain a strong brand identity for small businesses and churches.

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Name: Rick Lowe

Profession: Graphic Designer

Mission: I help people create and build unique online brands.

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Name: Darieal Sutton

Profession: Small Business Funding

Business: IntegraMark Investment Group

Mission: My mission is to help uncover your funding needs, connect you with the best resources, and to change your life.

Michael- ELITE.jpg

Name: Michael Humel

Profession: Freelance Writer

Mission: My mission is to end the stigma and stain of disability.

Uriah- ELITE_edited.png

Name: Uriah Lopez

Profession: Entrepreneur

Mission: To influence, educate, and develop a world where respect, love, and true passion, nurturance, and gratitude will thrive and prosper in the lives of many.

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Name: Isa Lei Gates





Name: Carlos Checo

Profession: Realtor

Business: Corcoran Global Living

Mission: My mission is to

David Poplin- ELITE.jpg

Name: David Poplin

Profession: Termite and Pest Control

Business: Legion Pest Management


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The ELITE network is by invite only. Just to be clear, you must interview with our coaches to receive an official invitation. Us providing information to you about the program should not be mistaken for an invitation. We have to be very selective about who we invite in.


The members within have been nominated by the ELITE community based on their energy and dedication to our mission. If you would like to earn an ELITE invitation, start by being active on our Facebook page and attending our Zoom events if you're able.

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