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  • Question Your Negative Thoughts

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  • Wish List

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Where are you lacking complete satisfaction?

To feel your best, you must touch every area of life every day. This course is designed to help you define your focus area, while also challenging you to take tiny actions in each area of life.

  • Spirit

    • How is your mindset? Your sense of peace? What is your purpose in life?

      • What would you rate it out of ten?

  • Health

    • How does your energy feel? Your fitness? Do you feel like you are at your physical peak?

      • What would you rate your health out of ten?

  • Earning

    • Are you happy with your income? Your job? Your co-workers? What is your financial plan for your life of financial freedom?

      • What would you rate your earning out of ten?

  • Leisure

    • Are you enjoying life? What are your hobbies? Do you feel productive? What do you do when you want to experience joy?

      • What would you rate your leisure out of ten?

  • Love

    • How is your social circle? Are you in love? Are you supporting your children to be the best person they can be? Are your connections building you into the best version of yourself?

      • What would you rate your love and social life out of ten?