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My Mission

To help business owners get the support they deserve.

YOUR SUPPORT helps pay for scholarships and financial aid to female owned, veteran owned, disability owned, minority owned, LGBT+ owned with no questions asked... Because dammit, we all need a little help at some point.

Your donation (or paid-in-full membership) could help several small business owners get support for their business they otherwise may not have received.

There are 9 business owners on the wait-list for donations to help pay for their program. Your donation right now would make a huge impact for somebody who needs it.

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Every dollar helps.

Would you like to make a donation to help a small business in need? There is no right or wrong amount.

If you're wondering how far your donation can reach...

People apply for different programs. Here are a few examples.

  • Three separate $1,000 paid-in-full (PIF) memberships helped three businesses receive group coaching support for several months, and several more business owners with free marketing and sales support.

  • A $100 donation helped THREE business owners get sales support for their businesses.

  • A $30 donation helped one business owner receive marketing training for their business.

I'd like to reward you for your generosity.

I would like to offer you a gift based on how much you donate. If you're already in a program, you may gift your reward to a friend.

Donate $25.

  • VIP Networking and Discussion Pass to attend our Wednesday events for one month ($80-$100 value.)

Donate $50.

  • VIP Pass (as seen above.)

  • + Give a 30-second intro on each call you attend ($80-100 value.)


Donate $100.

  • VIP Pass and 30-second intro (as seen above.)

  • + One 45-minute coaching call with Jeric Sorrell ($400 value.)

Donate $1,000.

  • VIP Pass, 30-second intro, and one coaching call (as seen above.)

  • + A professional 60-second commercial on our recorded Wednesday Events. 4 recordings ($200 value.)

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After submitting your donation, you'll receive an email within 3-business days explaining your awards and how to take advantage of them.

Your donation does not go to a non-profit organization. It goes into a fund within a for-profit business that chooses to offer educational support for it's members who request it.

ANYBODY can apply for financial aid or for a fully paid scholarship. Scholarships can take a while to award because we rely on donations and paid-in-full memberships to fund these programs.

Apply Below:

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