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Entrepreneurship is like a mountain. Beautiful, but a challenge to navigate. Do you ever wake up and look at your business, or your “mountain,” and just wonder how the hell you’re going to do it today? I’m not the only one, am I?
When we look at the mountain from afar, it is enormous. As we get closer, we begin to see the path. It becomes more manageable to navigate. Think about your business… We sometimes doubt ourselves when we think about the big picture, or when we’re too focused on an obstacle. Our vision becomes foggy. Our work suffers. We miss sales. We lose money.
Because we’re focused on the mountain, not the journey.
My friend, Nate Bailey, texted me the other day.


“Long ass day today. We started filming today on (Surviving Mann.) We film all the way through Thursday (in Savannah, Georgia).”
I thought about what he must be going through. If it looks anything like season one, he’s wearing full military gear out in the 90+ degree weather, chasing people, completing tasks given by UFC champion Randy Couture and former SEAL Team 6 Operator Don Mann, shooting high-powered weapons, climbing walls… You get the point. A great time I’m sure, but highly uncomfortable.
But Nate isn’t thinking about how painful his experience is. He’s not thinking about how hot it is. Nate is focused on winning one day at a time. He has a mission that he has to complete for the day. He knows what he has to do, and he’s going to do it.
I thought about my business, and what lessons I can learn from Nate.

  • I must know my overall mission. “Why do I do what I do?”

  • I have to celebrate the steps along the way. “What did I accomplish today?”

  • I must have people in my corner supporting me. “Do my friends inspire me and check in on me?”

  • I have to embrace the challenge. “Am I challenging myself every day to be better?”

Have you ever felt like that mountain we call work is just too much to bear?

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