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Podcast Guest

How do YOU nurture human connection within your professional life?

Being a guest on The "Connected" Podcast is a win/win/win for everybody.

  • Showcase your expertise to my audience!

  • Get eyes on your brand!

  • Increase your influence!

On The "Connected" Podcast, I interview experts about how they're putting human connection at the forefront of their business, whether it's with leads, clients, employees, etc.

Simply follow my channels and apply to be a guest! Episodes will start airing in August!!!

Wait, An Application??

My goal is to make our podcasting experience the best that it can be, not only for you and me, but for our audience! This ensures that every interview is an absolute win for everybody! And yes, everybody has to complete an application prior to me scheduling you, even if we know each other well. It helps me remain organized and focused on our objective of fostering a great experience.


Here are the steps to getting booked.

  • Submit your application and wait.

  • You may be contacted by me or my assistant to set up a 15-minute call to review our goals and expectations with our interview together.

  • From there, we book your interview!

I'll also send a couple emails throughout the process so you know what questions you might expect as my guest, and to be sure you feel fully supported and prepared on the day of our interview together!

About The Facebook Group

The Facebook public community is where you can get to know me and my people better. It is for online entrepreneurs who want to connect with other entrepreneurs. Once in the public group, you'll get the chance to join the inner circle group, which is actually much more active and has more resources for small businesses.

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