There is only one thing between you and your dream

What if failure were not POSSIBLE?

Imagine a reality in which whatever you dreamed of could be achieved because it were impossible to fail.

Have you seen the movie "The Invention of Lying"? In the movie, Ricky Gervais' character is the first person to ever tell a lie. With his newfound invention, he unlocks a world of possibility. One of the first things he does is go to the bank and request an enormous sum of money. When the teller says that amount doesn't reflect in his account, he says "that's impossible." Since lying is not even in their vocabulary, she insists that there must be a bank mistake, and she gives him the money with an apology. It is a thoroughly entertaining film, but it made me think of the blocks that we have in our lives that are not even real.

What is blocking you?

One of those blocks that is very big for many people is the fear of failure. This shows up in our lives for many reasons; our negative self talk, concern for others' opinions, a lack of information or vision... The list goes on.

But, for a moment, pretend you live in a dream world, like Ricky did. You live in a world where anything you desire turns into reality if you act upon your desire. A world in which it is IMPOSSIBLE to fail.

What would you wish for?

  • Would you wish for a peaceful mental state?

  • Would you wish for washboard abs? Electric energy?

  • Cash flow of $20,000 a month? A fully loaded retirement fund?

  • The freedom to travel to anywhere at any time?

  • Would you wish for a partner who you could love with all of your heart?

I have an observation to make. If there is not a physical wall in between you and that goal right now, then can you tell me what is standing in your way? The answer is no, you can't! That is because the only thing between you and your dream is the story in your head!

  1. Do me a favor and write down what you dream of having or accomplishing.

  2. Next, set a realistic goal (see SMART goals on the support page)

  3. Finally, put the work in!

(As a life coach, it is my job to remove blocks like this one so that you can start living the life of your dreams. It is my job to create a reality for you in which failure is not a factor for you. I support people who want to get to their goals, but need a little help in doing so. Visit the coaching page for more information!)

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