Leave it at the door.

"You have two lives. The second one begins when you realize you have only one."


Today, we learned the terrible news that Earl Simmons (DMX) passed away at only 50 years old. He was a father and a child, and he was known by many for his music. I remember getting hyped up to his music in high school when I would work out. In a small way, I was impacted by his life. And that's what life is about, impacting others.

His passing is a sad reminder that tomorrow is not guaranteed. It is unfortunate that sometimes this is what it takes for us to remember how fragile life is.

I remember spending an afternoon at my father's house, working outside all day in late 2020. I drove home and opened the door. Usually I was greeted by the two most loving dogs. I did not take this for granted. I would lay on the floor and hug them almost every day when I arrived home. But on this day, my little Angel, Keeva had just experienced a seizure that took her life. She had a condition, and when she saw me pull up, she slipped into a deadly seizure. I performed CPR to no avail.

That was the incident that taught me to give all of my love every single day. It is so important that we experience every moment we are given to the fullest. Being present is challenging to do as we balance work, family, a commute, and everything life throws at us, but being present is truly the answer to many of life's problems.

My challenge for you is to leave work at work this week. When you show up at home, look your family in the eye, and be present with them. Face them when you speak. Most importantly, leave the phone at the door.

Can you do that? Can you put the phone somewhere and be present with your family? Try to notice the distractions as they arise, and try to brush them off. Enjoy that time, because tomorrow is not a promise.

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