What is a coach anyway?

Coaching is an up-and-coming industry. As such, there are often many questions about what exactly a coach does, and why there is a need for the coaching profession in the first place.

I'll begin by stating what a coach is not. A coach is not a therapist, a mentor, or a counselor. These professionals all serve a unique purpose in the mental health world, but they are different than a coach. They may offer advice and diagnosis, help cope with trauma, and they may also help people who do not want to change, but a coach serves a different population.

A coach exists for those who do want to change. We may refer to this change as growth. A coach clears the path for those who desire to improve, and are willing to put in the work to do so. There are many types of coaches, but the end result is the same. We help our clients find success in their mindset, finances, social life, and more.

We do this by walking alongside the client, asking important questions that prompt reflection. It can be compared to a journey from the "couch to the castle."

Imagine you are stuck on the couch, but you would like to one day make it to the castle. You'll need to first leave the couch and traverse through the forest. There will be obstacles along the way. And you might want to revert back to the couch, but the coach helps you remain confident and clear on your objective. We remove the obstacles, and keep you moving toward the castle.

A mentor would tell you how to get to the castle, and perhaps even help with some of the work. A mentor is a great resource for people who want to grow.

A therapist would talk more about what happened that got you on the couch. It may take years before you begin to slowly leave the couch. A therapist is a great resource for somebody who wants to eventually grow once they overcome their trauma.

A coach keeps an eye on the castle, and helps clear the path for you to get to it! A coach is a great resource for people who want to grow.

If you want to make it to the castle, and start living each day to the fullest, contact me today!

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