"In being present, you are unforgettable." -The Study

"And at that moment, I realized the fundamental and damning difference between knowing my purpose and living my purpose." -The Study

"But within every moment is a choice. A choice between being stuck or being stronger than what is trying to hold you back." -The Study

"Be aware that although you are imperfect, you are perfect to those who matter." -The Study

From "Before you Go."

"Financial freedom is not reserved for the rich. Being financially free is simply a matter of choice and consequence." -Before you Go

"You never know what somebody is going through because emotional scars are not visible to the eye." -Before you Go

"I learned that there is no moment like the present. I learned that every opportunity must be taken advantage of to inspire others." - Before you Go

"What may seem like a small gesture may be all they need to make it through another day." -Before you Go