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The Sales Vault

When I was working on my degree in business, it was clear that the information I was consuming and the skills I was learning MIGHT be helpful at some unknown point in my future.

As an online entrepreneur who is IN THE WEEDS, you need strategies you can implement NOW to get paid NOW. Not "maybe at some point."

This photo is representative of Excel University and is not a photo of the actual video vault.

One of the hardest parts of the marketing and sales journey is learning how to humanize the experience.

When you LEARN, you EARN.

The Sales Vault is designed with the busy online entrepreneur in mind.

  • You'll learn how to get your online audience more engaged, and make sales as a result of the increased views, likes, comments, and opt-ins.

  • I'll give you scripts so that you can get into conversation with interested prospects WITHOUT getting ghosted.

  • You'll hear multiple perspectives of each topic from entrepreneurs who are putting these skills into practice.

What Is The Sales Vault Anyway?

  • An app and web portal that's available to you 24/7.

  • Hours of short lessons arranged by topic.

  • Videos, scripts, downloadable files, etc. Whatever it takes to implement your new skills.

  • New recordings added weekly.

Topics Include...

  • Creating An Offer that SELLS.

  • Creating Content that ATTRACTS people to your offers.

  • Getting Established on social media so you GROW your audience.

  • Starting Conversations with people in your audience so you can build trust and sales.

  • And much more.

Sign Up Now because...
I have some gifts for you.
  • You're Grandfathered In at your low monthly price even when it starts selling in the hundreds.

  • Monthly Group Calls. Give and receive perspective with other entrepreneurs, and learn something new every time.

  • Monthly Content Calendar designed to get more engagement and encourage people to opt-in to your offers.

  • Free Mentorship Opportunity with the founder to help you gain clarity on where you want to take your business, and how to get there.

Don't wait! Start today.

$9 a month. NO contract. NO minimum months. Cancel ANY time.

Step 1- Pay $9

Just pay below then set up your free mentorship.

This is NOT a sales pitch. Just free mentorship to help you get clarity on where your business is today, and where you want to take it.

Step 2- Free Mentor

No B.S. Just free 1:1 mentorship from the founder. Learn more and start below.

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