The VIP Registration Event

The VIP Registration Event is a limited-time registration window for the brand new business coaching tools and programs for 2022, which will include an array of amazing benefits I've never released until this point.

For this short period of time, VIPs will receive access to all-new offerings at a fraction of the price!


I only invite people who I know can benefit from my coaching service based on the following;

  • Coachable. Excited by the idea of being held accountable by your coach!

  • Excited. Excited to break out of your comfort zone and change your life!

  • Ready. Ready to invest in a complete transformation of your business!

VIP-Only Registration Window

Tuesday, November 9th


Friday, November 12th

I'm going to be real with you...

My programs are not for everybody.


If you're not seriously ready to go through a mindset and financial transformation, this is not for you.

  • But if you truly want to experience massive abundance in your life.

  • If you truly want to experience a level of personal and financial freedom in your life.

  • If you are 100% serious about stepping into the person you need to become to make thousands of extra dollars each month...

Then you're in the right place! Because these programs are going to change your life.

Coach Jeric_Invest in Yourself2.png

Option 1

Weekly Coaching

An immersive 1:1 business strategy call every week with me, Coach Jeric, for 60-minutes at a time.

($700 Value)

  • We explore the most pressing challenges you're having in your business, and develop a strategy to immediately impact those areas.

Included for FREE...

  • Editable stat-sheet for the month

  • Access to the new Business Mastery Facebook Group

  • Access to the live weekly calls

1-Month Business Strategy Partnership

$200 (VIP Invite Only)

Option 2

The Tools

My Exclusive Marketing Mastery Assessment Tool

($200 Value)

  • A comprehensive resource that helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your business in 6 key areas, so you know where to focus your energy.

  • Topics include; Defining Your Target Market; Handpicking Your Leads; Relationship Building; and more...

My Exclusive Mindset Mastery Toolbox

($200 Value)

  • 9 guides that help you explore your mindset and overcome what's holding you back.

  • Topics include; Purpose; Setting Direction; Weekly Planning; SMART Goals; Questioning Negative Thinking, and more...

Included for FREE...

  • 1-month of  1:1 strategy calls

  • Stat-sheet for the month

  • Access to the new Business Mastery Facebook Group

  • Access to the live weekly calls

Marketing and Mindset Mastery Tools

$300 (VIP Invite Only)

Option 3

Business Assessment


Comprehensive business assessment using the Marketing Mastery Assessment Tool

($700 Value)

The 90-Minute Deep Dive Call to review the Assessment

($400 Value)


Included for FREE...

  • 1 follow-up strategy call

  • Stat-sheet for the month

  • Access to the new Business Mastery Facebook Group

  • Access to the live weekly calls

Assessment and Deep Dive Call

$400 (VIP Invite Only)

A taste of what will be offered...

4 exclusive options

We're going to dive-deep into your business, addressing everything from...


  • Your perfect product strategy

  • Defining your target audience

  • Attracting your target audience

  • Closing the deal on the spot


And, many more topics that are pertinent to your successful business!

During my time in corporate leadership, as well as in my entrepreneurial endeavors, I've formulated systems in my businesses that set me apart from all of my competitors.

And, by the way, I've invested tens-of-thousands of dollars into my development, working with world-class coaches that include industry leaders, like...

  • Chuck Hunter, former Lockheed Martin Executive

  • Rob Dial, the Mindset Mentor, executive business coach, and internationally-ranked podcaster

  • Bobby Cappuccio, international presenter, author, and director of coaching


I have never been alone on my journey of growth. And you shouldn't either.

For the first time ever, I'm sharing the systems I've created so that you can grow your business into the empire it deserves to be!

  • How would you like to attract hand-picked leads that are dying to give you their money?

  • How would you like to add simple systems in your business so that every day is designed for maximum impact and profitability?

I want to personally train you to design your business so that you stand out from all the others and build a life that you've only dreamed of up to this point.

I have a question for you... What would your life look like if you had full professional support on your entrepreneurial journey?

  • A few hundred extra dollars every month?

  • A few thousand dollars every month?

  • More travel to beautiful places?

  • More time with people you love?

  • More freedom to do whatever you want?

  • The ability to quit a job you don't love?

  • The ability to start living your life with more purpose and passion?


How would your life change?

How would the lives of your loved ones change..


If you made the investment to grow yourself and your business?

You're only going to see this offer one time...

So, once the signup option is shown, don't close the screen without signing up...

*One-Time Offer*

The 2022 Signature 1:1 Program


If you like everything you see here, and you are ready to invest in your business and make a serious financial impact in your life, I'm making a one-time offer right now that includes everything you've seen on this page.


  • Weekly 1:1 Business Strategy Call

  • Text/Email Check-ins and Support Between Sessions

  • Daily Stat Sheet, and Weekly Analysis

  • Marketing Mastery Self-Assessment Tool

  • Mindset Mastery Toolbox

  • Monthly 90-Minute Deep-Dive Call

  • Monthly 10+ Point Business Assessment

  • Lifetime Access to the Business Mastery Facebook Group

  • Monthly Group Call Access


Yes, everything I'll be offering in my 2022 Signature 1:1 Program is available at less than 1/3 the full price...

The Signature 1:1 Monthly Program

$500 monthly (VIP Invite Only)

This registration event is for pre-selected VIPs only.

If you're interested in multiplying your income within a matter of weeks, let's see about adding you to the VIP List.


I just need to have a call with you to see what's going on in your business, where you are vs. where you want to be, and whether I may be able to help you.


You'll walk away with an abundance of clarity on what to do next in your business!

Sound good? Let's chat!