I've taken the complex art of human motivation and made it simple and enjoyable.

Success can only be fully enjoyed if you are making time for what's most important to you. So tell me, how can I support you?

  • Spiritual- Mindset

  • Health- Physical and Nutritional

  • Earning- Career, Vocation, and Finances

  • Leisure- Fun and Freedom

  • Love- Relationships and Social Life

I help people like you find time for what really matters. You simply cannot be your most effective if you're burnt out, miserable, and leaving no time for what matters most in life.

Let's overcome obstacles together! Let's find passion and motivation! And let's define what success looks like in your life!

Learn more about what it's like to work with Coach Jeric by requesting a "Discovery Call!"

Personal Development

Live your dream life by using the personal development tools I have been using for over a decade! I am not here to give you the answers to life. The truth is that you already have them...


I am here to help you find the answers within yourself.

The Life Coach

If you are serious about becoming the best partner, parent, and professional you can be, look no further!

I will help you understand yourself in a way you never thought possible by helping you find the answers within. We partner together by video or by phone for one hour at a time, and tackle what's on your mind.

We might be a good fit if you are...

Coachable. You're ready for an accountability relationship!

Willing. Willing to put work into meaningful change in your life!

Ready. Ready to make the investment into the best version of you!

The Study

In my new book, The Study, I explore a blueprint for defining and achieving your dreams in life. The Study is a book about action! It's like having a coach with you at all times!

I built a framework for personal greatness, and I'd love to offer it to you! It's called the Best Week Ever! Get it here!

Hiring Support

I have been in the hiring seat for over 3,000 job applicants. I know what a hiring manager needs to see on the resume. I know what the manager needs to hear during the phone screen and the interview. Let me get you hired into your dream job!

Resume Critique

Let us remove the guesswork and get your dream job!

We review your resume together and discuss what changes should be made. I'll help you match your resume to what hiring managers in your dream job are seeking.

Resume Rewrite
Typing on a Keyboard

The hiring manager needs to see that you understand the needs of their business. The question is, "does your resume prove that you can embody the mission of their organization?"

Contact me so I can give you the keys to your new job!

  • I'll have a virtual or phone meeting to best understand your goals.

  • I'll rewrite your resume and polish it up to comply with what the hiring manager needs to see from you the candidate. I'll tailor it directly to the job(s) you are seeking.

  • Finally, I'll set a phone call with you to review the work so that you are prepared for the next steps!

Interview Prep
$95 per session
Job Interview

You got your foot in the door with a killer resume, but now the boss is across the table from you asking tough questions. Are you ready for this?

The more prepared you feel, the more likely it is that the hiring manager will see you as a good fit. I want you to interview with ease.


Mentoring and practice with a professional interviewer (me) will make game day smooth!