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Lesson: Tenacity

Recommended Book: Living With A SEAL

Entrepreneurship is a wild ride!

Having a business won't be easy. Even if you buy a course, or hire the best coach, or run ads... When you solve one problem, new ones present themselves. This is why "tenacity" is the first conversation I have with people in my professional network.

YOU MUST be prepared to confront things as they arise and tackle them head on. When I first read the book Living With A SEAL, my thought was, "every entrepreneur has to read this book!"

Buying the book through my link above will take you off-site. I will collect a small affiliate fee, but that will not impact the price you pay.

Let's Talk About It: Tenacity

Whether you read the book or not, it's imperative to talk about the ways in which we confront our day-to-day responsibilities in business.

This is not a book club. It is a few professionals getting together on Zoom and discussing business. Community is EVERYTHING in life. So, I'd like to invite you to meet some people in my network and let's grow together.

We will talk about Tenacity in September and January.

Apply to be part of the inner circle for an invite!

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