Jeric (Jay)

What's up friend! Thanks for visiting!

You know what I love? Creating a sense of belonging and community amongst amazing business professionals!


I'll tell you why...

Business can be lonely, but success requires a team.

I know because my entire adult life has been devoted to managing businesses. After years and years of growing businesses, I found myself feeling alone as I helped business owners grow their businesses.

From that loneliness came a passion I didn't know I had. Helping business owners connect and grow in an online group setting.

Who am I?

  • An Author...

It took ten years to work up the courage to publish a book, but I finally did in 2021!

  • A Graduate... (Business Management)

At 33 years old, I proved that you can accomplish ANYTHING, ANYTIME!

  • A Business Coach...

I'm fluent in small business growth, and I love sharing what made me successful with anybody else who wants to grow their business.

I am very active in our online community. If you'd like to learn more about me, I recommend you join us!

What do I coach on?

I work best with business owners within their first 3 years of operation, and who have a monthly budget between $30 and $2,000.

  • Attract leads online for free.

  • Get paid in your sleep with my passive offers strategies.

  • Multiply your income by building stronger relationships with your audience and your team.

The list goes on, but we have mentors and speakers on every topic you can imagine; mindset, marketing, sales, finances, leadership, and more... Test drive Excel University and see how we make entrepreneurs thousands of dollars.

Want to work with me?

I'll gladly teach you everything I know about growing your business. The amount of money you're willing to invest in your business will directly correspond to how successful you are. I suggest starting with "Zoom Events" and then contacting me about ELITE group coaching or ELITE individual coaching.