There Is More To Life. Make Today Count.

By Coach Jeric
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Make Today Count.

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You can have the foundational worksheet that is a part of my coaching practice here!


All of the golden buttons lead you to where you want to be.

Imagine feeling free. Happy. Fulfilled. Like you're making a difference...


You want to experience all that life has to offer... I have helped hundreds find purpose and passion in their lives. So I created a simple tool for you to do just that.

You're close to burnout...

Your family wants more of you...

You're lacking satisfaction...

You just feel like something is missing...

You don't know where to go next...

Do not spend another day wondering what to do next. The free tools I'm offering you here are sure to provide clarity for you.

5-minutes can set your week (and life) up for great success.


This can be your best week ever...

You start by determining your level of satisfaction in the most important areas of life;

  • Spiritual- Mindset

  • Health- Physical and Nutritional

  • Earning- Career and Finances

  • Leisure- Fun and Freedom

  • Love- Relationships and Social Living

And then you plan your week around what is most important! You're not planning your week around grocery trips anymore!

Can I share with you the simple framework that WORKS? It has taken the lives of my clients from a place of dissatisfaction to a place of transformation!

Tools that work!

Inside your free Best Week Ever PDF, you'll have the tools to transform your life in the areas that matter to you.

  • Step 1: Reflect on Purpose

  • Step 2: Evaluate your areas of life

  • Step 3: Reflect on your evaluation

  • Step 4: Define one goal for the week

  • Step 5: Define your simple actions

  • Step 6: Plug your actions into your Plan

It truly is a simple, 5-minute process that you can do each week to begin your week with intention!

Your Best Week Ever is the foundation for intention in your life!

You want to live with more purpose, passion, and intention.

I coached hundreds of people on their journey toward fitness and health. My clients had jobs, families, and many obligations that created resistance between their current state, and the results they desired.

They wanted results. But adjusting to new goals is challenging. So, I built a simple plan that was not intimidating, they stopped talking themselves out of doing it.

"You simply cannot talk yourself out of a 5-minute walk!" But that 5-minute walk turns into a quick jog. And then a few repetitions with weights. The 5-minute walk is a catalyst.

Let me share this SIMPLE tool that will help you!

If you want change, you must take ACTION.