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"Within a week of signing up for 1:1 coaching with Jeric, we closed our first deal of the year and on our way to doing more in sales."

Julia with RisingStar Fitness

"Want To Take Your Online Business To The Next Level? Speak To An Expert Business Mentor For FREE!"

Whether you're a Business Coach, Life Coach, Fitness Coach, Mindset Coach, or frankly any coach or expert in your field, there is no denying that 1:1 support is the absolute best way to learn and grow.

My name is Jeric Sorrell, but you may call me Jay.

I had NO IDEA how to market my business when I first became a business coach, but after working with some of the top experts in their field, I was able to learn how to have more authentic feeling conversations online, attract tons of leads, and convert people in my audience...


My obsession is giving a ton of value to every person I come in contact with.

My clients not only get a personalized roadmap that gives them the exact formula for reaching their goals, but tons more resources.

  • An online portal so you can learn on YOUR time.

  • An exclusive community call every week so you learn different approaches and perspectives.

  • Direct 1:1 support from an expert coach who has helped hundreds of business owners.

Working with me is the absolute best thing you can do to grow your business IF you're willing to put in the work!

How my free mentoring works...

On our first call together, my goal is that we get crystal clear about where your business is today, and where you want to take it. You will walk away knowing what areas of your business need to be improved upon, and what areas need the most expert support.

You may qualify for a second free mentoring session.

If you qualify for a second free session, we will get more specific about the exact steps it will take to get to your dream destination. After this call, you will have more clarity and direction in your business than ever before.

What's The Path To Start Reaching $5,000 And $10,000 Months?

Every path is different. So I cannot say what exact steps will unfold on YOUR journey. But, if you're a client who wants to focus specifically on boosting your sales online, I might create a roadmap similar to this one below.

Step 1) Launching Your 1:1 Coaching

  • We evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and strategize how they will play a role in your program.

  • We re-define your avatar and ensure that your offers match their needs.

Step 2) Building Your Foundation And Get Your First 5-10 Clients

  • I provide a content plan for your social media accounts so your followers become aware of your expertise and how they can work with you.

  • I'll strategize with you to start reaching out to your network, re-establishing connections that eventually turn into partnerships.

  • We review your online brand message to ensure that your social pages reflect your mission.

Step 3) Attracting Dream Leads And Get Your Next 10-20 Clients

  • We strategize where to find your dream leads online and how to entice them to be part of your audience.

  • We implement your sales funnel system so you effortlessly convert followers.

Step 4) Scale And Start Getting Clients On Command

  • Focus on higher-level activities while having somebody else take over the lead gen and appointment setting.

  • This could be a podcast tour and/or creating content for REACH.

This is only an example of a potential path for success. Not every 1:1 program I offer requires a roadmap. If you think a roadmap could help you increase your sales, we can discuss after our free mentoring.

Guidance from an experienced coach is exactly what you need if...

  • You need clarity on what actions you should be taking in your business.

  • You need support figuring out what actions are going to grow your business.

  • You need accountability in sticking to what matters.

  • You need guidance from an expert that has helped hundreds of people multiply their revenue.

"I have gone from it just me to hiring a few team members in just a few short months of being his client."

Gina with Marilyn Jeanne Designs

In addition to my 1:1 coaching, I INSIST that you join my free inner circle.

Inner Circe (ELITE)

How my inner circle works...

But first, why is this so important? Because community is EVERYTHING, and I promise that if you're around other badass business owners, the likelihood of your success will ten-fold.

I don't care what team you're a fan of. The New England Patriots did better with Tom Brady at the helm. Even when he went to a new team, THEY won championships. The Chicago Bulls were dramatically better with Michael Jordan. Winners congregate and help make other winners.

So, please, get your free 2 week pass to my inner circle. It's called The ELITE Network, and we push each other to be better. See if it's a good fit for you, and snag your 2 week pass now! If you love it, it's less than $3 a day to stick around. A total no-brainer!

Why are you still scrolling?

Listen, one thing I've learned in studying business owners is this. Winners get to work when they see something they like. Losers wait for the right time. Success WILL NOT show up to your doorstep and drag you across the finish line. YOU have to take that step.

What I'm offering you is really free. No strings. No sales pitches. Just free mentorship. So don't wait for some imaginary day where the stars align, your schedule is open, no kids are crying, you win the lottery, etc.

Let's do this!

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