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"This week has been my highest earning week so far in my business."

Thomas, CEO of Accuracy AIS Therapy

"Want To Take Your Online Business To The Next Level? Speak To An Expert Business Mentor For FREE!"

Whether you're a Business Coach, Life Coach, Fitness Coach, Mindset Coach, or frankly any coach or expert in your field, there is no denying that 1:1 support is the absolute best way to learn and grow.

My name is Jeric Sorrell, but you may call me Jay.

I had NO IDEA how to market my business when I first became a life coach, but after working with several of the top experts in their field, I was able to learn how to have more authentic feeling conversations online, attract tons of leads, and convert people in my audience...


My obsession is giving a ton of value to every person I come in contact with.

My clients not only get a personalized roadmap that gives them the exact formula for reaching their goals, but tons more resources.

  • 12 weeks of content prompts so you just focus on selling rather than sinking time into creating content.

  • A Launch Handbook to help you build your irresistible offer and sell it to the right people.

  • A Sales Suite with a pitch deck and scripts to make building rapport, setting appointments, and selling your high-ticket offers a breeze.

Working with me is the absolute best thing you can do to grow your coaching business!

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How my free mentoring works...

On our first call together, my goal is that we get crystal clear about where your business is today, and where you want to take it. You will walk away knowing what areas of your business need to be improved upon, and what areas need the most expert support.

If you qualify for a second free session, we will get more specific about the exact steps it will take to get to your dream destination. After this call, you will have more clarity and direction in your business than ever before.

What's The Path To Start Reaching $10,000 Months From Social Media?

Every path is different. So YOUR journey will be unique. But below is a guide that gives you a general idea of how my coaching path tends to unfold.

Step 1) Launching Your High-Ticket Offer

  • We clarify your Core Offer to ensure that it is IRRESISTIBLE.

  • We get super clear on your Target Market Persona to ensure these are people who are HUNGRY for your irresistible offer.
  • We implement a Launch Strategy so you have a CRYSTAL-CLEAR PATH to sell your coaching.

Step 2) Building Your Lead Gen System And Getting Your First Few Clients

  • We'll refine your scripts so that every step of the way, you have a confident and methodical approach that CONVERTS.

  • You'll learn to add DREAM LEADS to your audience and properly engage with them so they trust you enough to buy.

Step 3) Automate The Lead Gen Process

  • You'll implement automations that attract leads and convert followers so you can focus on your expertise instead of constantly trying to find leads.

Step 4) Scale And Start Getting Clients On Command

  • Focus on higher-level activities while having somebody else take over the lead gen and appointment setting.

  • We consider multiple paths for this, based on your strengths and interests.

Guidance from an experienced coach is exactly what you need if...

  • You need clarity on what actions you should be taking in your business.

  • You need support figuring out what actions are going to grow your business.

  • You need accountability in sticking to what matters.

  • You need guidance from an expert that has helped hundreds of people multiply their revenue.

"I have gone from it just me to hiring a few team members in just a few short months of being Jeric's client."

Gina with Marilyn Jeanne Designs

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Why are you still scrolling?

Listen, one thing I've learned in studying business owners is this. Winners get to work when they see something they like. Losers wait for the right time. Success WILL NOT show up to your doorstep and drag you across the finish line. YOU have to take that step.

What I'm offering you is really free. No strings. No sales pitches. Just free mentorship. So don't wait for some imaginary day where the stars align. Don't wait until your schedule is magically open for the entire day. Don't wait until you're burnt out and thinking about going back to a 9-5.

Let's do this!

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